Why we Sponsor ProcureCon Marketing

Prominate is one of the largest global promotional materials distributors operating as a joint venture in over 70 countries.

We spoke to Natalia Irena Chudoba, Marketing Manager at Prominate to see why they sponsor ProcureCon Marketing

Who: Prominate

Where: ProcureCon Marketing

When: June 2019

What: Exhibition stand, hosting roundtable

Benefits: Attention grabbing opportunities to showcase products and services & leading edge on the competition

Being a sponsor for ProcureCon Marketing has been great because as a solution provider we have had the opportunity to show people that our service can solve the exact problems being faced by the ProcureCon audience and discussed in the agenda.

We hosted a round table yesterday, and it was great, everyone has been so engaged in what we have to say and offer. It was the right target audience with diversity in the sector. Having that kind of exposure is great for us, it' gives us a presence in the industry.

The lunch breaks, the networking groups and the panels have been really useful, it has allowed us to connect with so many people. ProcureCon really do bring the right audience to these events. Even from just networking today and yesterday we’ve got lots of leads. ProcureCon is a great opportunity to meet people.

We sponsored again this year because last year was such a success, of the 10 leads we generated some are still on-going, however 2 are now our clients.

This event has become an important event for us to attend as a company; we have decided that we will definitely be back next year, thank you so much. ProcureCon Marketing has definitely lived up to Prominate’s expectations.

If you’d like to join Prominate at Procurecon Marketing 2020 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.