Procurecon Marketing EU 2019

11 - 13 June, 2019

Twickenham Stadium, London

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Michael Connett Success Story

My ProcureCon Story by Michael Connett:

Michael Connett
Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager Sales & Marketing

Michael’s Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2013

How He’s Participated: Attendee & Speaker

ProcureCon Highlights: Over the years Michael has been involved as an attendee, running round table discussions and in panel discussions as well as consulting on content and format suggestions during the conference production process.

I first got involved with ProcureCon Marketing about 3-4 years ago. I had previously attended the ProcureCon Europe and ProcureCon Indirect conferences and had always found them to be extremely useful so I was very keen to attend an event that was particularly focus on marketing procurement. I hoped it would be relevant to the work that I do.

There are a lot of good people doing some really excellent innovative and thought-provoking work across all the different industries.

When I get together with other marketing procurement peers, I learn something new every time, this is always a great networking opportunity and a chance to share BKM’s & experiences, discuss challenges and catch up with old friends.

In my experience, I have found marketing procurement people to be very open to share best practices and their experiences and encourage/help new peers navigate through this exciting industry.

There is always a wide range of expertise at these forums, marketing procurement folks from a variety of different industries all facing very similar challenges and it’s always great to see the “new blood” coming in to our profession.

“I think the key is that the marketing procurement people tend to be very open to share best practices and their experiences with their network of peers and encourage / help new folks navigate through this exciting industry”.

“…what I've seen each year is it's got bigger and better”

I've attended all the ProcureCon Marketing events, since it launched and it's got bigger and better every year.

Each year there has been a significant increase in the number of people attending the event and actively participating in the round tables and breakout sessions. The agenda continues to be relevant to the challenges that we in marketing procurement are facing. There is lots of great innovative ideas and new approaches to challenges we face within this industry. It is always important to hear from the agencies too to get their viewpoint on how things are changing, but predominantly, hearing all the great work that's has happened in the past 12 months and great insights into future industry trends.

All companies like to think of themselves as “best in class” or “leaders” in what we do, and to measure themselves against others. Procurecon enables this to happen and gives the opportunity to grow, by continuing to learn new things which is also not a bad thing to help develop your career☺.

I don't believe there's another event like ProcureCon Marketing. There are lots of general purchasing conferences around for indirect, direct and different elements of purchasing, this one’s special as it focused on Marketing.

Marketing Procurement feels like a “family” the network connections seem to be much more open and people are flexible about sharing and helping each other develop. In my 20 years in procurement I haven't really seen that in other purchasing roles. ProcureCon Marketing has played a huge part in really getting those people together.

“…the connections and the networking and the learnings are worth their weight in gold…”

It’s really important to have specific events dedicated to marketing procurement, if people can go to one conference a year and they're in marketing procurement, this is one they should consider going to.

The connections, networking and learnings are worth their weight in gold. I know every company is challenged with budgets and affording these sorts of things but I would say try it.

I'm always open to learn new and exciting things, listen to new innovative ways that other companies are managing their business, it always surprises me how many great people there are out there, great companies doing great things and that everybody can learn from so I'm looking forward to ProcureCon Marketing 2016.