Why we Sponsor ProcureCon Marketing

Ebiquity is a global independent media performance consultancy. They partner with the world’s largest brands to help them achieve transparency in their media investments

We spoke to Paul Burgon, Global Business Director at Ebiquity to see why they sponsor ProcureCon Marketing Europe.

Who:                               Ebiquity

Where:                           ProcureCon Marketing, Europe

When:                            June 2018

What:                             Exhibition Stand and Invitation-only Workshop

Benefits:                        Attention grabbing, opportunities to showcase products
                                        and services & leading edge on the competition

What they thought:   “The stand having a sofa was great, people would come over
                                         sit down and ask to have a chat; anyone could come and sit and
                                         have a conversation”

We sponsor because it’s our sweet spot, in the sense that ProcureCon Marketing brings together marketing individuals who are focusing on the delivery of their media and procurement individuals who are focused on the money and the performance and we are perfectly aligned to bring those two divisions together

Having sponsored the event last year, we came back again this year, because of the audience, the fact that the subject matters that were prevalent 5/6 years ago are still relevant now. The media landscape seems to change daily because of the investment in digital so there are always challenges; we are here because there are always difficulties”

"Next year we're looking for more of the same, to meet new brands and great networking opportunities."

Ebiquity are sponsoring ProcureCon Marketing 2019. They have expanded their sponsorship opportunities; with not only an exhibition stand but a speaking slot in front of the whole audience, hosting a roundtable and chairing a plenary panel.

If you’d like to join Ebiquity at Procurecon Marketing 2019 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.