Investing in Innovation Benchmarking Report

More companies than ever before are using Procurement to select marketing agencies. Marketing departments and agencies both need to be able to prove the return on investment they provide for their business. As such, the influence that Procurement can exert over agency relationships is more crucial than ever. Leading up to ProcureCon Marketing 2018 we surveyed 104 Heads of Marketing Procurement from some of Europe’s top companies to find out how they’re bringing innovative solutions to their clients.

Driving Innovation In Marketing Procurement

From improving media and production process transparency, to seeking new ways of working, and establishing concrete measures of ROI, progressive procurement professionals are looking for ways to innovate and drive value for the business over and above simply saving money.

Challenges in Marketing Procurement

The focus in this study was to look at optimisation and drivers: how marketing procurement can review the multiple sub categories that sit in marketing, and what the best strategies are to do this.

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