Procurecon Marketing 2018

12 - 14 June, 2018

The Tower Hotel, London

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Day 1 Tuesday 12th June 2018

Evaluating Optimal Agency Business Models To Thrive In The New Marketing Landscape

8:00 am - 8:40 am Registration and welcome coffee

A 360° View From The Top

8:40 am - 8:45 am Welcome Address – Diane Mekie, Conference Director, WBR

8:45 am - 8:50 am Chair’s opening remarks

Dominic Mills, Columnist,Mediatel Newsline

Dominic Mills

Mediatel Newsline

8:50 am - 9:20 am Keynote Presentation - The Marketing Director Perspective: What Is Procurement’s Role In Exploiting The New Opportunities Arising From The Increasingly Digital, Automated And Connected World?

Pete Markey, Marketing Director,TSB Bank
Pete is responsible for delivering TSB's marketing communications activities across the full product suite, and oversees a team of over 30 across multiple locations.  He is also an Executive Sponsor for LGBT at TSB, and a Member of the Marketing Society Board, Financial Services Forum Advisory Board, ISBA Council & Marketing Group of Great Britain (MGGB), and is a Chartered Institute of Marketing and Marketing Society Fellow.  Pete is a leading industry commentator and speaker with one of the top 1% most viewed profiles on LinkedIn and over 10k Twitter followers.
•What are the key trends that marketing functions at major advertisers are exploiting to best reach consumers in the current content-driven marketplace?  
•What are the exciting new developments and how are marketing adapting their teams and processes to respond to these new market forces? 
•Adding value in a world of stagnant growth and cost cutting – how can we together keep long term growth in mind? 
•A help or a hindrance? Practical ways we have achieved true collaboration and when it makes sense for procurement to take a step back

Pete Markey

Marketing Director
TSB Bank

•Is there an increasing desire from advertisers for seamless integration and one agency touchpoint – what has made this possible and what are the benefits for brands? 
•Can you really get best in class solutions without compromising on specialist expertise?   
•Is the move back to consolidation and the full service model just part of a cyclical trend or is it a more fundamental lasting change to the industry?
•What marketing categories can most benefit from ongoing simplification, and how practically can you achieve this? 

Valérie Revol

Head of Marketing Procurement


Paula O’Reilly

GM Marketing Procurement


Eniola Akindes

Global Sourcing Director - Advertising


Steve Lightfoot

Senior Buyer Marketing Purchasing, Creative Agencies


Damian Ellis

Director Global Procurement: Trade Marketing and Brand Activation

10:05 am - 10:45 am Interactive Panel Discussion - A Global Perspective From Marketing Procurement Leaders On The Future Of Agency Roster Models

Laura Forcetti, Global Marketing Sourcing Manager,WFA David Hale, Marketing Sourcing,T-Mobile *Invited* Tigran Avakian, Director Global Procurement EMEA,Mattel
WFA will introduce this session with key results from a study on the future of agency roster models. WFA then will lead a Global panel discussion with 3 of their members, focusing on internal and external approaches to get the right mix of agencies, and how to maintain innovation within agency rosters over time. This will be followed by a Q&A discussion between the panel and attendees.
•How do you make sure you have the right mix of agencies vs. your business needs? 
•How should agencies work together? How to get transparency? 
•Performance-based remuneration models? Value-based remuneration models? 
•How do you maintain innovation within your roster? 
•How do you manage the transition period & engage stakeholders? 

Laura Forcetti

Global Marketing Sourcing Manager

David Hale

Marketing Sourcing
T-Mobile *Invited*


Tigran Avakian

Director Global Procurement EMEA

10:45 am - 11:25 am Morning coffee and networking

Re-Imagining The Agency Landscape

11:25 am - 11:45 am Agency Insight With Client Case Study - Music Agency Perspective: What Were The Critical Success Factors For Creating A Decoupled Music Model At LEGO Group?

David Marcus, Managing Partner,Cord Stefano Pinciroli, Global Marketing Manager,LEGO Group
•How and why we made the move to an ownership model 
•What was the increase in brand metrics, and how did we measure this? 
•The major cost savings and efficiencies the creation of a decoupled model has delivered
•What is the benefit of working with an expert music partner?

David Marcus

Managing Partner


Stefano Pinciroli

Global Marketing Manager
LEGO Group

11:45 am - 12:25 pm Case Study Revolution: Industry Insight With Client Case Study - How Are Advertiser And Agency Business Models Changing To Keep Up With Increasing Client And Market Demands?

Anthony Groves, Group Commercial Director, Global Clients,Dentsu Aegis Network
In this innovative and interactive format, spend 10-15 minutes hearing a best practice case study before being presented with a challenge to discuss by the speakers, then engage in small interactive roundtable discussions before each group presents its conclusions to the audience.

Dentsu Aegis Network, one of the leading marketing services agency groups, will share its perspective on the current industry landscape, including the issues and challenges facing brands and agencies today. In this exclusive and interactive case study keynote, Dentsu Aegis will bring to life how they are working with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver real-time, addressable marketing solutions and what the future of the agency landscape holds. This session will invite the audience to share their views on what it will take to reimagine the Agency landscape and the role we all have in this. Dentsu Aegis Network was RECMA’s number 1 Agency of the year for Net New Business in 2017.


Anthony Groves

Group Commercial Director, Global Clients
Dentsu Aegis Network

12:25 pm - 1:10 pm Interactive Panel Discussion - Staying On Top Of The Key Disruptors In The Rapidly Evolving Agency Landscape - What Are The Pros And Cons Of Each Model And Where Is The Industry Heading In The Next 5 Years?

Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement ,Bayer Paul Hammersley, Founder & CEO,Harbour Collective Jon Williams, Founder & CEO,The Liberty Guild Lisandro Diaz Kelly, Global Director – Marketing Procurement,ABInbev James Murphy, Chief Executive,Adam&Eve/DDB
•Staying on top of how the agency model is evolving ensures you can engage with your marketing leadership and earn your keep at the negotiation table – what is the perspective from a variety of backgrounds and agency types on how you can prepare for success?  
•What are the current and upcoming agency disruptors, and what is their impact?  Is the in house model or joint ventures increasingly the way to go? 
•What is the argument for using a series of independent bespoke agencies as opposed to one key full service agency? 
•How do the major consulting companies fit into the mix, are they fundamentally transforming the industry?
•What is our 3-5 year prediction on where the industry is headed?  

Paul Hammersley

Founder & CEO
Harbour Collective


Jon Williams

Founder & CEO
The Liberty Guild


Malik Akhtar

VP Marketing Procurement


Lisandro Diaz Kelly

Global Director – Marketing Procurement


James Murphy

Chief Executive

1:10 pm - 1:40 pm Guest Speaker: In An Era Of Cost Cutting, Which Innovative Technologies And New Business Models Should You Adopt To Take Your Marketing Function To The Next Level?

Chris Sahota, Founder and Chief Executive,Ciesco
Prior to founding the corporate advisory firm Ciesco, Chris was Global Head of M&A for McCann WorldGroup, the Chief Operating Officer of EMEA for McCann Erickson and has also gained exposure to working with leading global brands, from the large auto groups such as Chrysler and General Motors to the technology giants Samsung and Microsoft. Chris will explore how the media and marketing sectors are undergoing unprecedented change with the fusion of technology, data, digital and content, and how new media and disruptive technologies can offer  unrivalled market insights.
•The big picture: what are the key macro themes that are impacting the media landscape, technology, consumers and the geo-political order?
•Is the new reality a reduction in employment, alongside ongoing digital disruption in supply chains and media? What does it mean in practice? 
•As the foundations of the media industry are shifting, how are media owners, content providers, agencies and advertisers staying one step ahead?  Is innovation in technology the answer? 
•Is it all about data?  If the real value is in data and avoiding wasted spend, who now has the most leverage in the media arms race?

Chris Sahota

Founder and Chief Executive

1:40 pm - 3:00 pm Networking lunch

1:40 pm - 3:00 pm Private Lunch

Hosted By InnerWorkings Invite Only, Limited to 20 People

Stream A: Establishing The Best Supplier Sourcing Models

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Case Study Revolution Putting Together A Digital Agency Shortlist Roster From Scratch - How Do You Practically Narrow Down The List To Include Partners With The Freshest Ideas That Understand Your Brand?
Coreen McCullough, Digital Marketing Category Lead,Adidas
In this innovative and interactive format, spend 10-15 minutes hearing a best practice case study before being presented with a challenge to discuss by the speaker, then engage in small interactive roundtable discussions before each group presents its conclusions to the audience.
•What is the starting point? First steps to follow in reviewing and analysing existing agencies, sourcing digital native agencies, and understanding marketing’s requirements
•How can you create tools to separate and narrow down the list? 
When working with an established agency, the benefit is that they understand your brand but how can you ensure they don’t become complacent, and that you are getting the best work, and the freshest ideas and content?

Coreen McCullough

Digital Marketing Category Lead

Stream A: Establishing The Best Supplier Sourcing Models

3:40 pm - 4:00 pm Industry Insight With Client Case Study Creating An Effective Integrated Marketing Agency Ecosystem: How To Move Away From Silos And Connect The Dots With Agencies To Ensure Accountability
Catherine Burke, Executive Director,Linney Linda Bijl, Senior Sourcing Manager,Starbucks
• The Agency Procurement toolkit forms the first part of an end-to-end Agency Management solution developed in collaboration with group marketing. 
• It covers the areas of defining agency strategy, identification of the right agencies, rostering vs other engagement methods, how to run a successful pitch, best agency remuneration models, contracting and evaluation of performance
• This approach is designed to be able to provide the markets with a basic end-to-end best practice guide to agency management 


Catherine Burke

Executive Director


Linda Bijl

Senior Sourcing Manager

Roundtable 1:
Achieving Global Marketing Efficiencies – How To Practically Create A Consistent But Well Targeted Message Across Diverse Cultures 
Hosted By: Kirsty Carr, Head of UK & Ireland Marketing Procurement, Müller 
•How can global companies achieve consistency in marketing messaging when trying to get leverage with an agency? 
•How do you ensure culturally the message is targeted, correct and achieves marketing efficiencies? 
•What are the specific marketing procurement challenges in a company with very different business cultures and practices?  
•Sharing tips and strategies to manage cultural sensitivity and encourage sharing of different business methods 

Roundtable 2:
Successfully Negotiating Agency Rights, Especially Post Contract – Sharing Proven Tactics To Walk Away With The Best Deal
Hosted By: Alice Dhulster, Senior Procurement Associate UPSA, Bristol-Myers Squibb
•What strategies can you use to negotiate around agency rights, especially post contract?  Where have others had success?
•How should this be detailed in a current creative agency contract and for when you are out of contract? What are the industry standards and recommendations? 
•What issues particularly arise when you have a large geographical scope?  

Roundtable 3:
Ensuring Supplier Diversity In Your Creative Agency Roster – How Can You Efficiently Evaluate All Types Of Agencies To Secure The Best Mix?  
Hosted By: Arnaud Thoni, Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager EMEA, Warner Bros
•How does marketing procurement ensure we don’t always just use the same big players, and how do we help to not create an environment where we disqualify small agencies by putting too much admin in place? 
•Examining the different agency models, like colocation, in house, dedicated teams, specific competencies such as new technology like VR – where have others had success and are boutique agencies preferable when they’re focused on one thing? 
•What initiatives have you put in place to enable a flexible and diversified agency roster?

Roundtable 4:
Getting Agency Buy-In For A Performance-Based Compensation Model - Which Facts And Figures Should You Be Armed With To Get The Backing From All Key Stakeholders?
Hosted By: Karène Tialeu, Marketing Procurement Director, L’Oréal
•How do you determine if the performance-based model is right for you? 
•How to approach the concept with your marketing stakeholders and your agencies – what facts and figures do you need to be armed with? 
•Determining what is and is not negotiable – what have others found?

Roundtable 5: Beauty Pageant, Trophy Room Or Coffee Shop - How Can Procurement Help Marketing Choose The Best Creative Agency For Their Brands?
Hosted By: Simon Gore, Group Creative Managing Director, Sun Branding Solutions
An opportunity to discuss in the round with a mix of agency and client stakeholders
•How to get the best commercial deal from a creative agency
•How to negotiate better long terms commercial terms to strengthen ongoing relationships
•How can creative agencies can create a better first impression to client procurement and marketing prospects

Roundtable 6: Why Go Global? The Benefits And Challenges Of Implementing A Global Promotional Material Solution
Hosted By: Mike Oxley, CEO, Prominate and Sarah Daniel, COO, Prominate 
•What are the benefits and how to maximise the opportunities?
•What are the risks and how to minimise them? 
•Why global programs fail and what can be done to ensure they succeed?
•How to manage stringent brand control and cost savings across multiple markets whilst maintaining operational efficiency?
•How to maintain creativity and innovation?


Kirsty Carr

Head of UK & Ireland Marketing Procurement


Alice Dhulster

Senior Procurement Associate UPSA
Bristol-Myers Squibb


Arnaud Thoni

Global Marketing – Procurement Business Partner


Karène Tialeu

Senior Buyer


Simon Gore

Group Creative Managing Director
Sun Branding Solutions


Mike Oxley



Sarah Daniel


Stream C: Agency Ecosystem Review

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Deep Dive Workshop How To Conduct An Agency Ecosystem Review
Simon Francis, CEO,Flock Associates
•Many advertisers agency ecosystem has just evolved into something too big, and no longer fit for purpose
•How do you conduct a full review of your agency ecosystem that leads to significant gains in efficiency and effectiveness?
•How do you start a review? How do manage the different stakeholders? What is the process? What are the outcomes and benefits?
•Flock explain how to conduct an Agency Ecosystem Review using examples from their work with Global advertisers like Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, T-Mobile, Mondelez and others
•This session would suit those advertisers who have a large portfolio of agencies and suppliers, a global responsibility, or those advertisers who need to upgrade their agencies to make them fit for the future


Simon Francis

Flock Associates

Stream D: Mastering Influencer Marketing

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Deep Dive Workshop Practical Tips for Sourcing And Managing Influencer Marketing
Bex Fisher, Consultancy & Best Practice Manager,ISBA
Hosted By: Traci Dunne, Consultancy & Best Practice Manager, ISBA and
Bex Fisher, Consultancy & Best Practice Manager, ISBA

During this interactive workshop Bex and Traci from ISBA will share learnings from recent research into how clients are managing their influencer marketing solutions; deliver practical tips on briefing influencers; share contract templates for use with Vloggers & Bloggers; and workshop the different options available to clients wishing to access the influencer marketplace.

Bex Fisher

Consultancy & Best Practice Manager

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon tea and networking

Stream A: Establishing The Best Supplier Sourcing Models

4:30 pm - 5:10 pm Case Study Revolution - Getting The Creative Pitch And Selection Process Right - Pinpointing When Procurement Can Hinder This Process And What Steps Can Be Taken To Add Value As An Effective Business Partner
Maria Rafferty, Head of Marketing Procurement,Co-op Group Traci Dunne, Consultancy & Best Practice Manager,ISBA
In this innovative and interactive format, spend 10-15 minutes hearing a best practice case study before being presented with a challenge to discuss by the speaker, then engage in small interactive roundtable discussions before each group presents its conclusions to the audience.
•Starting out on the creative pitch and selection process – sharing best practices on how marketing procurement can be the most effective business partner
•Understanding the agency point of view: how can marketing procurement sometimes hinder the creative pitch and selection process, where is there specifically room for improvement?  
•Understanding timelines and decision making processes for the creative pitch and selection process – what’s the industry norm and how is this changing?

Maria Rafferty

Head of Marketing Procurement
Co-op Group


Traci Dunne

Consultancy & Best Practice Manager

Stream A: Establishing The Best Supplier Sourcing Models

5:10 pm - 5:30 pm Case Study Optimising ROI On Agencies: The Agency Management Process And Toolkit Developed For Both Marketers And Procurement At Carlsberg
Andras Mohos, Global Category Director,Carlsberg


Andras Mohos

Global Category Director

Roundtable 1:
How Can You Identify And Drive Innovation Within A Restricted Advertising Environment?  
Hosted By: Igor Leitao, Sourcing Manager for Marketing & Sales, EMEA, Merck
•How can you use specialised industry agencies to support and drive innovation in a restricted advertising environment?  How to find the right partners and leverage their expertise
•Navigating your way through the contractual complexities – sharing ways to embed innovation into contracts and allow agile yet secure partnerships 
•It’s a two way channel: how to ensure your agency or partner feels they have a voice internally and that innovation is part of a continuous process and on every agenda

Roundtable 2:
From Pipe Dream To Reality - How Can You Establish A Global Function To Leverage Global Relationships And Volume? 
Hosted By: Simon Marsh, Marketing Procurement Director, EMC 
•Where have you had success with a truly global agreement and collaborating with your procurement colleagues in a global fashion? 
•With suppliers sometimes you have to go local – how do you find the right balance between global and local, and when going local can deliver more value and cost savings 
•How do you deal with a patchwork of often conflicting global laws and regulations, especially in the EU and China? 
•How a global focus translates into an overall procurement transformation programme – how you can organize and interact with your marketing procurement organisation in a more global manner? 

Roundtable 3:
Effectively Managing 3rd Party Event Category Suppliers - How To Achieve Consistency On A Global And Local Level And Keep Costs Down
Hosted By: Christian Fuchs, Director Marketing Procurement, Event Category, Adidas
•How do you best guide your lead agency in controlling 3rd party spend, which can be up to 80% of the costs?  
•How are leading global brands executing events – do you have a global lead or break down into regions, and how do you arrange and manage the consistency?
•What kinds of toolkits can you and your lead agency use to manage this? 
•What are the industry standards you can use to support your strategy?

Roundtable 4:
Assessing The Role Of The Project Manager In Marketing Procurement - How They Drive Results In A More Structured Way
Hosted By: Sebastian Laguna, Global Procurement Project Manager, Marketing And Market Research, Takeda Pharmaceuticals 
•What does the project manager role involve in marketing procurement, and why is this a growing trend, what business needs is it addressing?
•How do we interact with category managers and how are responsibilities best divided?  
•How to find recognition in what is a senior high value role – sharing success stories of where we have best added value 
•Where does the project manager role lead to, what kind of career path can we carve out?

Roundtable 5:
Creating A Smooth Point Of Sale Material Management Process - How To Deliver An End To End Solution For Creative Design, Implementation, Adaptation And Production 
Hosted By: Sergiusz Szacki, Indirect Procurement Manager Europe, Media & Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive
Participants Include: Malin Krusvik, Senior Manager POS Procurement & Logistics, The Absolut Company
•Understanding the business drivers to achieve a consistent smooth process in the point of sale management process – where are we hoping to see savings and drive value?
•What are the business hurdles to achieving this?  Are there providers who can deliver a consistent service across European markets and have strength throughout their networks?  
•How far away is the industry from achieving a consistent efficient European network?
•When does it make sense to go directly to a local producer or use a variety of regional providers?


Igor Leitao

Sourcing Manager for Marketing & Sales, EMEA


Simon Marsh

Marketing Procurement Director


Christian Fuchs

Director Marketing Procurement, Event Category


Sebastian Laguna

Global Procurement Project Manager, Marketing And Market Research
Takeda Pharmaceuticals


Sergiusz Szacki

Indirect Procurement Manager Europe, Media & Marketing

Stream C: Achieving Transparency In Agency Contracts *Sign up onsite, limited to 12 people, Marketing Procurement Directors only*

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Creative Boardroom - Using Scope Of Work And Agency Evaluation In Combination: How To Practically Adopt Both Processes To Get The Maximum ROI From Your Partners
Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement ,Bayer
•Marketing procurement professionals have two key processes that they can use to improve agency performance and in turn marketing ROI - how do the two in combination provide a highly effective continuous improvement loop? 
•How does Scope of Work allow clients to create pragmatic annual (or project) work plans, ensure they have the appropriate agency resource mix & seniority on each deliverable, budget effectively, and track spend accurately during the year in order to get the best value from their investment? 
•How can agency evaluation help clients and agencies to collect feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, to ensure deeper conversations around their relationship, and build action plans to deliver "course corrections" where needed? 

Malik Akhtar

VP Marketing Procurement

Stream D: Mastering Zero Based Budgeting *Sign up onsite – limited to 25 people*

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Marketing Procurement Masterclass - Mastering The Fundamentals of Marketing Procurement: What Are The Biggest Nuggets Of Opportunity As You First Enter The Marketing Category Vs When Your Involvement Matures?
Tina Fegent, Director,Tina Fegent Procurement Consultancy
Back by popular demand!  This Workshop is designed for marketing procurement professionals to get a fundamental understanding of the various models of how an organisation’s marketing team operates, and improve your understanding of marketing, internal KPIs, processes and objectives, and the different marketing channels.  
•Understanding the role of the various primary stakeholders in marketing engagement (marketing, procurement and agency) and the expectations of each 
•Outlining the different marketing channels (traditional marketing, media, advertising, digital, social media and mobile), their supply partners, and how procurement can play a meaningful role in both general process improvement and from a channel-specific perspective 
•What are the biggest nuggets of opportunity – as you first enter the marketing category and as your involvement matures?

Tina Fegent

Tina Fegent Procurement Consultancy

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Day One Cocktail Reception – FIFA World Cup Party

A great opportunity to wind down at the end of a busy first day, chat about the day’s talks and continue to catch up with colleagues over cocktails, canapés and entertainment.

7:00 pm - 7:00 pm End of Conference Day One