Procurecon Marketing 2018

June 12-June 14, 2018

The Tower Hotel, London

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Day 2 Wednesday 13th June 2018

Achieving A Greater ROI In The Age Of Digital Disruption

8:15 AM - 8:45 AM Registration and welcome coffee

Measuring Spend In A Connected World

8:45 AM - 8:55 AM Chair’s opening remarks

8:55 AM - 9:45 AM Panel Revolution - Marketing Sourcing Metrics: What Are The Latest Marketing Science And Business Savvy Approaches For Quantifying Advertising’s ROI?

Nick Wright, Global Media & Advertising Procurement Manager, BP Stephanie Bell, Global Head of Marketing Procurement, Diageo , , Thomas Holzapfel, Sourcing Director, Here Technologies Jo Smallbone, Head of Sales and Marketing Procurement, Vodafone
In this innovative and interactive format, spend 25 minutes hearing the panel perspectives before being presented with a challenge to discuss by the Panel, then engage in small interactive roundtable discussions before each group presents its conclusions to the audience.
•What are the latest approaches that top brands, agencies and industry associations are using to crack the code for advertising ROI measurement?
•Econometrics as a way of analysing advertising effectiveness – what is it and what practical insights can it provide?
•How can you combine marketing science and business savvy approaches to relate advertising measurement to financial outcomes, determine a customer’s lifecycle value, measure upselling, cross-selling and analyse the retentive impacts of advertising?
•What do you need in your toolkit to effectively measure your marketing spend?


Nick Wright

Global Media & Advertising Procurement Manager

Stephanie Bell

Global Head of Marketing Procurement

Thomas Holzapfel

Sourcing Director
Here Technologies

Jo Smallbone

Head of Sales and Marketing Procurement

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM Oxford Style Debate

Capitalising On New Innovations

10:15 AM - 10:35 AM Industry Insight With Client Case Study - Redefining Production Management: How Can Marketing Procurement Play A Key Role In Bringing Innovative Solutions To Marketers?

•Rethinking how you manage production in a globalised era of emerging start up/niche talent and 24/7 business practices – how can marketing procurement drive this area and what kinds of remuneration models, contracts and processes are necessary?
•Is it time to move from decoupling to actually bringing production in house? Which companies have had success with the in house model and what are the main benefits and disadvantages?
•How to increase transparency in all aspects of production, what kind of rigorous systems and processes are helping you to manage spend?
•Overcoming the thorny issue of production payment terms – how to work towards a payment plan that works for all parties involved

10:35 AM - 11:10 AM Morning coffee and networking

•How to exploit innovative technologies, including IOT, AI, Blockchain, machine learning, voice and virtual and augmented reality
•How to stay ahead of the rapidly changing tech curve and know what you need before you need it
•How to create a business sense of urgency to kick off rapid technology innovation initiatives, get stakeholder buy-in, and showcase the strong value and potential in the unknown
•Sharing success stories of where marketing procurement has led or increased innovation, and how to overcome roadblocks on the way – and what have you learnt from innovation failures?
•How to align with business and digital innovation goals in this space without losing sight of procurement goals


Tamas Szabo

Global Category Manager Marketing/E-Business & Marketing Technology
Deutsche Telekom

Reitze Feldmeijer

Procurement Manager Marcom

Emma Ratcliff

Category Manager – Marketing
Marks and Spencer

Jo Betts

Global Category Manager - Media and Digital

Daniel Klemetz

Principal – Tomorrow Street
Vodafone *Invited*

11:55 AM - 12:25 PM Keynote Presentation - Influencer Marketing – How Can You Get More Out Of Social Influencers And Keep Influence Real?

Oliver Yonchev, Business Director, Social Chain
With a 350+ million strong network of social media influencers, pages and communities, Social Chain is a company of 120+ like-minded individuals who are quickly disrupting the ever-changing social sphere, and who pride themselves on telling a brand's story through creating dynamic, thought provoking and engaging content. With an average age of just 23 across the whole company, Social Chain know exactly how millennials think, listen, engage and share across social media, and how brands can get the most out of the social influencer category of spend.
•How (and why) are leading brands working with social influencers?
•Understanding the cost structure – is there a standard cost model and what are the right KPIs to use? Is it the number of subscribers that is relevant, the number of views, or the influencer’s relationship with their audience?
•What is the distinction between influencers and celebrities, where is the fine line there?
•How can you better understand (and cost) the process and production that goes into quality influencer marketing?
•What are the ASA guidelines on influencer marketing, is it murky at best? How do you address the issue of fake profiles?


Oliver Yonchev

Business Director
Social Chain

12:25 PM - 12:45 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study: The Digital Transformation Journey

Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream Carl Scott, Global Business Director, Adstream
  • What are the biggest pain points in managing a global marketing supply chain?
  • The changing face of marketing procurement in a digital world
  • The application of metrics to the creative and production processes in order to maximise marketing efficiency
  • How adopting the right technology tools can deliver meaningful ROI and minimize capital outlay


Ian Wheal

Global Strategy Director

Carl Scott

Global Business Director

12:45 PM - 1:15 PM Guest Speaker: Listen, Learn And Share AI – It’s Not In The Future, It’s Here, Now: How To Ensure You Are Investing In The Right Initiatives That Add Value To Your Business And Make Commercial Sense

Shamus Rae, Head of Innovation, Digital Labour and Cognitive Transformation, KPMG
Shamus is the lead on Intelligent Automation (transformation/ automation through the use of Artificial Intelligence) for KPMG both transforming the firm's services but also taking this experience into the market place to help clients embrace this new and disruptive technology.
•Mapping out the AI landscape: how is industry in general being impacted by AI technologies?
•How fast you can make this happen, and how do you determine what technology is real and what is not real? And what’s going on in the research labs?
•What are the specific impacts on the marketing function and the way advertisers interact with consumers? What is worth companies investing in that adds value and makes commercial sense?
•How do you ensure your data doesn’t build up an unconscious bias? What other pitfalls do you need to be aware of with AI?


Shamus Rae

Head of Innovation, Digital Labour and Cognitive Transformation

1:15 PM - 2:20 PM Networking lunch

Stream A: Exploiting New Digital Advances

2:20 PM - 3:10 PM Case Study - Revolution Building The Business Case For Digital Asset Management: When Is It Worth The Investment?

Xenia Olajosova, Director Media, Digital and Brand Services Transformation for Global Markets, Duracell
In this innovative and interactive format, spend 10-15 minutes hearing a best practice case study before being presented with a challenge to discuss by the speaker, then engage in small interactive roundtable discussions before each group presents its conclusions to the audience.
•If the core idea works, how you can use great ideas that already exist within your business to drive collaboration, capture creativity and save on external fees?
•How you can create fantastic efficiencies through sharing global assets, ensuring brand consistency, creating breakthrough speed to market and above all creating the platform to allow sharing of data across the business allowing you to plan campaigns based on real data insights
•Is it only applicable for global brands? When does using DAM make sense from a cost/benefit perspective?


Xenia Olajosova

Director Media, Digital and Brand Services Transformation for Global Markets

Stream A: Exploiting New Digital Advances

3:10 PM - 3:30 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study - Managing The Digital POS Of Tomorrow: What Comes After Stupid Screens To Improve The Customer Journey?

•Redefining the customer journey – digital infrastructure developments that improve customer experience
•Driving into the future – a premium automotive manufacturer speeds ahead
•Facing the challenges – sourcing globally and rolling out IT hardware and services in dynamic, fast-paced environments
•Designing the solutions – transparency, scale, and flexibility based on a modern 4PL partnership

Stream A: Exploiting New Digital Advances

3:30 PM - 3:50 PM Joint Case Study Presentation - Creating The Advertiser In House Tech Stack: Outlining The Main Components You Need To Achieve Optimal Marketing Results

Brioney Moore, Senior Procurement Manager, CA Technologies
•Is it now more important to control your technology than your agency? Why keeping track of your data has to be the number one priority for advertisers
•How we select what to use in our tech stack, via a rigorous process and a council with stakeholders
•What are the main components that you need in your tech stack to achieve the optimal marketing toolset, yet still allow for flexibility given the rapid rate of technological change?
•What is our experience of marketing procurement’s role in the selection and ongoing management of a tech stack?


Brioney Moore

Senior Procurement Manager
CA Technologies

Stream B: Maximising Value From Production Partnerships

2:20 PM - 3:10 PM Panel Revolution - Responding To The New Production Transparency Guidelines: How To Review Your Current Agency Agreements To Ensure Full Transparency In All Processes

Kamila Karasiewicz, Global Production Category Lead, Coty UK Luke Hammersley, CEO & Founding Partner, Zebra Worldwide
In this innovative and interactive format, spend 25 minutes hearing the panel perspectives before being presented with a challenge to discuss by the Panel, then engage in small interactive roundtable discussions before each group presents its conclusions to the audience.
•With the 2017 ANA committee update on Production Transparency, how can you best respond to the report and what are the quick wins you can achieve within your organisation? What are the key findings?
•Understand the impact of the report on the relationship between marketing, procurement, and suppliers – how are advertisers and their agency and production partners reacting to the findings, including specifically in the UK and Europe?
•What are the task force recommendations marketers and procurement can take to address production transparency? How should you review your current agency agreements and institute protocols designed to ensure full transparency in all aspects of the production process?
•Understanding how the demands of increasing levels of content and the role of agency and partner selection can help increase transparency and efficiency


Kamila Karasiewicz

Global Production Category Lead
Coty UK

Luke Hammersley

CEO & Founding Partner
Zebra Worldwide

Stream B: Maximising Value From Production Partnerships

3:10 PM - 3:30 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study - Optimising Your Brand Message: Transcreation Vs Translation - The Critical Difference It Makes To How Global Audiences Perceive Your Brand

•Understanding the key differences between translation and transcreation – examples of how getting the message wrong can derail the entire marketing strategy
•Aligning transcreation and production for operational and cost efficiencies when launching international campaigns – how marketing procurement can play a crucial role
•Is a centralised implementation model (Head office deciding on implementation for all markets) better than a regional model (each market/region decides for itself). Or should it be a combination of them both? How transcreation can impact the implementation model

Stream B: Maximising Value From Production Partnerships

3:30 PM - 3:50 PM Case Study - Creating A Fully Decoupled Global PoS Model at ABInbev – How We Made It Work

Jaime Ali, Global Procurement Category Manager, Marketing POSM, ABInbev
•Understanding the business drivers to implement a decoupled model in the production/point of sale management process
•What are the business hurdles to achieving this?
•How to manage a cross-region implementation, through project/regional phasing or centralising?
•The decoupled conversation has been going on for a long time: how far away is the industry from achieving global decoupled models and why?
•When does it make sense to not decouple?
•What are the 3 big lessons learned through the journey?


Jaime Ali

Global Procurement Category Manager, Marketing POSM

Stream C: Programmatic Deep Dive *Sign up onsite – limited to 25 people*

2:20 PM - 3:50 PM Deep Dive Workshop - Peeling Back The Layers: Exploring The Programmatic Ecosystem To Effectively Track And Measure Your Spend

•Mind the transparency gap: what tools and technologies are helping advertisers effectively measure programmatic spend? What does the market map look like and who are the key players?
•How are leading brands addressing programmatic in their organisation? How can advertisers get the best mix of in house and external partners to best address this space?
•What are the key concerns advertisers have on programmatic buying? How are programmatic trading desks and platforms addressing issues of transparency, media rebates, arbitrage, data security and advertising fraud?
•Following your media budget investment through the ecosystem to it’s final display destination
•Keeping up with market developments: how can you and your team maintain competencies to deal with this fast changing space?
•Projecting 5 years into the future – where will programmatic be and what are the industry implications? By 2020 will most things be traded programmatically?

3:50 PM - 4:20 PM Afternoon tea and networking

Stream A: Exploiting New Digital Advances

4:20 PM - 4:40 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study - Getting Ready For GDPR - How To Adapt Your Data Management From The Get Go To Simplify Processes In Line With New Requirements And Save Huge Amounts In The Long Run

Tony Massey, Vice President, International, InnerWorkings
•GPDR regulation is coming into force in May 2018 and will be the new standard for privacy – how has your company prepared for this, and what aspects of this should marketing procurement be responsible for going forward?
•The objective is to simplify data protection and it should save huge amounts in compliance in the long run, but in the short term it requires a significant initial investment to get it right – do you see the end benefits being delivered and why or why not, and where are you focusing your investment?
•How is this impacting your current and upcoming agency and supplier negotiations, contract management and licensing?
•How has the new legislation led you to review your overall customer data management strategy?


Tony Massey

Vice President, International

Stream A: Exploiting New Digital Advances

4:40 PM - 5:10 PM Case Study - Mobile Advertising – An Exploration Of The Effectiveness Of Facebook Advertising Formats

Nick Wright, Global Media & Advertising Procurement Manager, BP
•What are the main biases and trends in mobile advertising?
•What are the differences in effectiveness across formats, such as video vs static, length of videos, size of videos, placement of videos?
•What are the key take aways from a deep dive exploration of mobile advertising effectiveness?


Nick Wright

Global Media & Advertising Procurement Manager

Stream A: Exploiting New Digital Advances

5:10 PM - 5:40 PM Case Study - Proving ROI In Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality: How To Link The Investment In This Space Back To Quantifiable Results In Sales And Brand Loyalty

Mikela Eskenazi, Commercial Director EMEA, Blippar
•How do advertisers quantify what is a solid idea in AR/VR? How you can ensure there is a compelling story and added value for the consumer?
•Does the use of AR/VR drive brand loyalty and/or increase sales, and what are the examples of this?
•With all the various acronyms and names given to this space, is it actually just going to become the new normal, and will distinctions drop away?
•What is the final piece of kit to experience this going to be? The iPhone, headpiece, embedded imagery on the retina – will it just become part of us?


Mikela Eskenazi

Commercial Director EMEA
Roundtable 1:
Adding Value And Increasing ROI In The Influencer Category - How Can You Grasp The Opportunities Of This Growing Marketing Spend Area?
Hosted By: Nathan Canfield, Brand and Market Place Procurement Director, Nike
•How marketing procurement can help with ROI on the influencer category: how can we help determine if the investment amount makes sense, and help negotiate terms and increase visibility of influencer category spend?
•What kind of remuneration model works best in the influencer category?
•Sharing examples of where marketing procurement has delivered tangible results in the value it has added to the influencer category evaluation, negotiation, contract and ongoing project management process

Roundtable 2:
Market Research Drill Down - Who Is Innovating In This Category And What Negotiation And Partnership Strategies Can You Use To Get The Best Value From Your Spend?
Hosted By: Maryl Adler, Global Category Leader Strategy & Insights, Danone
•Innovation in market research providers: who are the new players in this space and what new tools can they provide to bring further consumer insight and brand innovation to your company?
•Negotiating in an oligopoly or monopoly: what negotiation and partnership strategies can you use to get the best price?
•What to develop and what to buy – figuring out the optimal balance to deliver results

Roundtable 3:
Negotiating A Software As A Service (SaaS) Agreement – How Marketing Procurement Can Get Up To Speed
Hosted By: Jo Harding, Director Strategic Sourcing, Expedia
•As software moves from perpetual license to subscription-based platforms, a number of things need to change as to how SaaS applications are sourced, bought, negotiated and accounted for. How can you source and negotiate in a SaaS environment, while maintaining cost savings and beneficial supplier relationships?
•Performing a cost comparison for SaaS applications against owned software—Can SaaS lead to real cost savings?
•What are best practices for negotiating SaaS contracts? Is there any industry agreed standard?

Roundtable 4:
Bringing Programmatic In House - What Are The Tangible Benefits Of Taking Control?
Hosted By: Jesus Sancho Cubino, Procurement Manager for Marketing and Advertising, Carrefour
Participants Include: Klaus Kindelmann, Marketing Procurement Director, Novartis
•When does it make sense to bring programmatic in house? How you can build the business case and marketing procurement’s role in championing this project
•The role of the media agency and how it is linked to the in house trading desk – how do you create a collaborative partnership?
•No man is an island: The tools and technologies needed to support the in house team
•Where can you find the people to fulfil your programmatic needs? What is the optimal mix of in house training and outside recruitment?

Roundtable 5:
Achieving Commercial Transparency - How Can You Build A Framework To Determine The Fair Value On All The Services You Are Buying And Ensure They Are Being Delivered?
Hosted By: Gunseli Cakici, Head of Marketing & Media Purchases, Northern Europe, Procter & Gamble and Marcus Riccoboni, Principal Category Manager - Marketing, Vodafone
•How are you working towards achieving commercial transparency to ensure the marketing customer will have its ROI optimised?
•How are you educating yourself and your team to understand the complex technology landscape and agency business models?
•Is there a framework to determine the fair value on buying digital services?
•How can you create the right model contract for your agency, and what do you need to change to your general terms to make it fit for purpose?

Roundtable 6:
Strengthening Your Production Partnerships: How To Transition This Relationship From A Tactical Supplier To A Strategic Consultant That Goes Above And Beyond To Meet Your Business Objectives
Phillipp Schuster, Procurement BP Marketing, PRO Agencies, Bayer
•How to evaluate your relationship with your production vendors and selectively move them from tactical suppliers to strategic partners
•How can you identify new sources based on market trends?
•How to make this transition through specific RFP processes, development of a content production strategy, and selected and prioritised vendor management


Nathan Canfield

Brand and Market Place Procurement Director

Maryl Adler

Global Category Leader Strategy & Insights

Jo Harding

Strategic Sourcing Director

Jesus Sancho Cubino

Procurement Manager for Marketing and Advertising

Klaus Kindelmann

Marketing Procurement Director

Gunseli Cakici

Head of Marketing & Media Purchases, Northern Europe
Procter & Gamble

Marcus Riccoboni

Principal Category Manager - Marketing

Phillipp Schuster

Procurement BP Marketing, PRO Agencies

Stream C: Marketing Technology Deep Dive *Sign up onsite – limited to 25 people*

4:20 PM - 5:40 PM Deep Dive Workshop - Creating The Optimal Tech Stack: Evaluating The Latest And Greatest In Marketing Technology To Decide What Is Worth Investing In

•How can you assess where your marketing organisation stands as it relates to marketing technology? Where are leading advertisers on this journey?
•As technology is making it easier to bring many services, such as social media monitoring, programmatic buying, data management, etc in house, what technologies and tools are worth investing in and which are best served by using the services of an external partner? Understanding the marketing technology landscape
•How do you ensure any technology investment is commercially driven and not just riding the marketing technology wave?
•How can you have a meaningful post-conference dialogue with your marketing team regarding technology – what are the key things marketing procurement needs to bring to the table?
•How to have an advantage when entering negotiations with marketing technology suppliers

5:40 PM - 8:00 PM ProcureCon Marketing Drinks Reception

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and peers at our always popular drinks reception!

7:55 PM - 8:00 PM End of Day Two