Procurecon Marketing 2018

June 12-June 14, 2018

The Tower Hotel, London

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Day 2 - Navigating The Data Driven Digital World (past event)

08:15 AM - 09:00 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee

Thriving In The New Digital Market Order

09:00 AM - 09:15 AM Chair's Opening Remarks

Bob Wootton, Former Director of ISBA and Principal, Deconstruction Consulting, Deconstruction Consulting


Bob Wootton

Former Director of ISBA and Principal, Deconstruction Consulting
Deconstruction Consulting

09:15 AM - 10:00 AM Interactive Panel Discussion: The New World Of Media: How To Survive And Thrive In The Midst of Fundamental Industry Transformation

Marcus Riccoboni, Principal Category Manager - Marketing, Vodafone Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith Dominic Carter, Chief Commercial Director, News UK Helen McRae, CEO, Mindshare UK Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director, Adstream
  • As the foundations of the media industry are shifting, how are media owners, content providers, agencies and advertisers staying one step ahead?

  • Is it all about data? If the real value is in data and avoiding wasted spend, who now has the most leverage in the media arms race? How is programmatic buying fundamentally changing industry dynamics?

  • Who is best placed in advertisers to be the media specialist and what expertise do they need now and in 10 years time?

  • What skillsets are key for marketing procurement leaders to compete in the media space?

Steve Hatch (Invited)


Marcus Riccoboni

Principal Category Manager - Marketing

Mandy Merron

Kingston Smith

Dominic Carter

Chief Commercial Director
News UK

Helen McRae

Mindshare UK

Ian Wheal

Global Strategy Director

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM Procuring Trust - Overcoming The Mutual Arms Race Of Non-Transparency

The transparency debate has exacerbated a full-blown trust crisis between advertisers and their agencies. Marketing procurement teams everywhere are struggling to curtail the damage from a conflicted business model. In Germany, all this happened 10 years ago. Learn from this pioneering agency's strictly transparent agency business model.

  • What are the elements of a non-conflicted agency model?

  • How can you structure a truly transparent client-agency relationship?

  • What are the benefits - and risks - for advertisers insisting on a relationship built on neutral advice?

10:20 AM - 10:40 AM Industry Insight: In Conversation With An Agency CEO: Projecting 10 Years Into The Future - How Will We React To Market Forces To Continue To Create Value And Foster Innovation?

Gilles Berouard, Global CEO, Hercules Transforming Production Ltd
  • What are the key drivers on the future marketing journey?

  • What are the emerging models and partnerships between agencies, media owners and clients, and why are these new models emerging?

  • How is digital transformation changing the speed at which the creative process moves?


Gilles Berouard

Global CEO
Hercules Transforming Production Ltd

10:40 AM - 11:25 AM Morning coffee and networking

Effectively Managing Your Digital Investment

11:25 AM - 12:10 PM Interactive Panel Discussion: What Does Digital Marketing Mean Today? Navigating The Complex Shifting Landscape of Digital Spend

David Little, Group Category Manager, Marketing, Lantmannen James Taylor, Global Media Manager, Diageo
  • Sharing 'digital' definitions and industry trends: Understanding the different categories of spend that can fall under this umbrella, from social media, search engine optimisation, mobile, apps, video-on-demand services to websites

  • Trying to measure what can be an opaque space - what tools and strategies can you use to measure ROI on digital spend?

  • Finding the best suppliers for digital content and production - do traditional agency partners have the capabilities to address this spend or is it all about a new world of niche providers? And how can you achieve collaboration between the different agencies and suppliers?

  • Addressing issues of on line fraud and wasted spend - how can you track and analyse where your spend is going and who is viewing your content?

  • The shift from channel first to content first - ensuring you create the message first then determine the appropriate delivery channel


David Little

Group Category Manager, Marketing

James Taylor

Global Media Manager

12:10 PM - 12:30 PM Demystifying Media - Separating Hype From Hope! A Fact Based Account Of What Really Works

Tim Hussain, Head of Digital, Ebiquity , , Mike Campbell, Head of International Effectiveness , Ebiquity Mike Campbell, Head of International Effectiveness , Ebiquity

Digital media is confusing at best and opaque at worst. Given the significant rise of investment in all forms of online advertising how can procurement ensure an efficient return on investment for their business, against a backdrop of a series of exposés and controversies in this sector? Ebiquity will look at some of the hard realities affecting effectiveness in online advertising and provide guidance to advertisers on how to make the right investment decisions in this area.


Tim Hussain

Head of Digital

Mike Campbell

Head of International Effectiveness

Mike Campbell

Head of International Effectiveness

12:30 PM - 1:50 PM Networking lunch

Stream A: Capitalising On New Technologies

1:50 PM - 2:35 PM Case Study Revolution: How Can You Navigate The Universe Of New Technologies And Decide Which Are Best Placed To Drive Greater End-To-End Marketing Value?

Brett Colbert, CPO, MDC Partners
  • As technology is making it easier to bring many services, such as social media monitoring, programmatic buying, data management, etc in house, what technologies and tools are worth investing in and which are best served by using the services of an external partner?

  • What interplay should marketing procurement have with IT when sourcing marketing technologies, to ensure they're in compliance with company IT standards, have the correct IP protections, don't overlap with any current supplier agreements, etc? How does procurement serve as a mediator?

  • How do you ensure that you, Marketing or IT have the resource allocation to properly integrate new technologies?


Brett Colbert

MDC Partners

Stream B: New Production Management Insights

1:50 PM - 2:35 PM Interactive Panel Discussion: Decoupled, Integrated, Hybrid: Which Production Methods Deliver Maximum Savings And Value?

Philipp Schuster, Procurement BP Marketing, PRO Agencies, Bayer Steve Davies, Chief Executive, Advertising Producers Association (APA) Emmerson Thaine, Head of Design and Production, Sky
  • With the rise of digital, brands can now deliver savings and increase speed to market by being more agile - what does this mean for production?

  • Understanding the risks of taking production away from creative - does decoupling still rule the roost?

  • Bringing it all back together: can recoupling actually be the better total cost by not having to brief two agencies?

  • What are the latest innovations in production that not only ensure a better product but also help drive savings?


Philipp Schuster

Procurement BP Marketing, PRO Agencies

Steve Davies

Chief Executive
Advertising Producers Association (APA)

Emmerson Thaine

Head of Design and Production

Stream C: Marketing Effectiveness Deep Dive

1:50 PM - 2:35 PM Deep Dive Workshop: Marketing Effectiveness: Need, Want or Dream

Jon Webb, Managing Partner, Gain Theory
  • Based on 25 years' experience, Jon will take you through how marketing effectiveness analytics can be used to help drive key business objectives and where Procurement fits into this process.

  • Having partnered with many leading companies within EMEA, including Lloyds, HSBC, Visa, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline, Reckitt Benckiser and Dixons Carphone we will look at how partnerships are best setup and what to look out for.

  • In a discussion based session we will cover topics ranging from Payment By Results, impact on your company's share price and how to ensure both efficiency and effectiveness from your marketing investments.


Jon Webb

Managing Partner
Gain Theory

Stream A: Capitalising On New Technologies

2:35 PM - 2:55 PM Case Study: Building A Coordinated Digital Sourcing Lifecycle: How The Digital Aspect Of Other Commodities Impacts Marketing Procurement Activity

Audrey Siquier, Purchasing Leader Europe, Infiniti Europe (Nissan)

How do we incorporate other internal digital activities and needs, from capex, IS/IT etc into our digital marketing strategy to create a coordinated company view and plan? How do we decide who is responsible for purchasing what?

  • How does the increasing digitalisation of all aspects of the company impact supplier management and selection, working with agencies and project management?

  • How we are using computer based methods including sensors on the production line to gather and analyse data, and how external start ups and technology providers are helping with the digital innovation journey


Audrey Siquier

Purchasing Leader Europe
Infiniti Europe (Nissan)

Stream B: New Production Management Insights

2:35 PM - 2:55 PM Case Study: Creating An In House Adveritising Function And Developing It For Your Business

Emmerson Thaine, Head of Design and Production, Sky

Emmerson to share his story at Sky

  • What are the preparation considerations - how important are these?

  • How to make the model 'a team' and deliver the required result?

  • Taking steps to drive increased scope whilst maintaining a clear identity


Emmerson Thaine

Head of Design and Production

Stream C: Marketing Effectiveness Deep Dive


2:55 PM - 3:30 PM Afternoon tea and networking

Stream A: Optimal Technology Investment And Management

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Case Study Advertiser Programmatic Journey: Minimizing Operating Costs & Maximizing Ad Effectiveness

Tom Triscari, CEO, Labmatik
  • The marketer's dilemma: two key mantras for change projects
  • Five core concepts to set foundations for the journey
  • Making the business case for change with programmatic governance
  • High Aspirations, Accelerate and Go Faster
  • Means to an End: The Spectrum of In-house Control
  • Valuable lessons and tips for marketing procurement


Tom Triscari


Roundtable 1: In-House Agency Production Versus The Open Market - What Is Right For You?

Hosted By: Steve Davies, Chief Executive, Advertising Producers Association (APA)

Participants Include: Kim Mead, European Marketing Services Procurement Lead, PepsiCo

Advertising agencies are looking to keep more of their clients' money by producing commercials and content themselves. Is this in the interests of advertisers when the open market for production is over supplied and production companies are happy to compete against each other for productions, on their expertise and creative ideas and price?

Roundtable 2: What Role Should Marketing Procurement Play In The Rise Of Content Marketing?

Hosted by: Christian Heid, VP Corporate Sourcing Manager; Marketing, Travel & Consulting, Deutsche Post DHL

  • What is the role of content? Is there no more ATL or BTL, but just content?

  • What is procurement's role in managing this transformation? What agency and supplier sources can service the content marketing need?

  • Does content marketing mean doing more with less? What new marketing and production models are required?

Roundtable 3: Latest Trends In Social Media And How To Best Use It In Your Brand Strategy

Hosted by: Brett Colbert, CPO, MDC Partners

  • How to engage in effective real-time social marketing - discuss best practice and insights on how to develop strategies to target the social media space

  • Where do companies get the best results? Which social media platforms deliver optimal consumer engagement and how do you measure their effectiveness?

  • What not to do in social media - understanding what messages and content do not work in this space and what to avoid

  • Sourcing social media: which agencies offer which social media services?

Roundtable 4: How Can Marketing Procurement Best Add Value In Programmatic Buying?

Hosted By: Phil Acton, Sales Director, UK & MENA, Adobe Advertising Cloud

  • Keeping up with market developments: how can you and your team maintain competencies to deal with this fast changing space? How can you be a true business partner and category expert?

  • How are leading organisations incorporating programmatic buying into their strategy? What are the different range of programmatic approaches you can use depending on the business sector and brand?

  • How data is your biggest asset: how can you work towards a centralised data management approach and see the benefits of bringing data control back in house

  • How can you get the right mix of in house and external partners to best address this space? And how do you interact directly with DSPs and take advantage of marketing disruptors?

Roundtable 5: How Do You Put A Value On Creativity?

Hosted By: Simon Gore, Group Creative Managing Director, Sun Branding Solutions

  • Creative isn't a commodity, so how can you determine the value it brings to a business?
  • How can you buy creative services effectively without demotivating good agencies?
  • Is paying agencies partly on performance-related results a viable way forward


Brett Colbert

MDC Partners

Steve Davies

Chief Executive
Advertising Producers Association (APA)

Christian Heid

VP Corporate Sourcing Manager; Marketing, Travel & Consulting
Deutsche Post DHL

Simon Gore

Managing Director
Parker Williams, part of the Sun Branding Solutions group

Phil Acton

Sales Director, UK & MENA
Adobe Advertising Cloud

Stream C: Production Deep Dive

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Deep Dive Workshop Agile Content Production Models Made For The Digital Era

Amin Rafinejad, Chief Growth Officer and Head of Transformation Practice, Prodigious France
  • How can the biggest brands consistently produce a stream of fresh and vibrant content to meet an ever-growing demand?

  • Via practical case studies for world-leading brands such as L'Oréal, Prodigious will explore nimble production models that have allowed brands to make a big splash both online and offline whilst not just keeping costs under control but actually driving efficiencies


Amin Rafinejad

Chief Growth Officer and Head of Transformation Practice
Prodigious France

Stream A: Optimal Technology Investment And Management

4:00 PM - 4:20 PM Industry Insight Managing The Digital POS Of Tomorrow - What Comes After Stupid Screens?

Stephan Goldmann, Vice President Solution Design & Digital Solutions, Arvato SCM Solutions
  • Redefining the customer journey - digital infrastructure developments that improve customer experience

  • Driving into the future - a premium automotive manufacturer speeds ahead

  • Facing the challenges - sourcing globally and rolling out IT hardware and services in dynamic, fast-paced environments

  • Designing the solutions - transparency, scale, and flexibility based on a modern 4PL partnership


Stephan Goldmann

Vice President Solution Design & Digital Solutions
Arvato SCM Solutions

Stream B: Drill Down Roundtables


Stream C: Production Deep Dive


Stream A: Optimal Technology Investment And Management

4:20 PM - 5:00 PM Case Study Revolution: How Marketing Procurement Should/Can Step Up And Take Control Of Purchasing Decisions With Key Players Such As Google And Facebook

  • What should marketing procurement's role be in dealing with key industry players like Google and Facebook? What is the best way to engage these companies and who decides what to spend, where and how?

  • How can we best support our marketing colleagues? How can you train people to develop competencies in this space and properly immerse them in the marketing team? Do we need to take control now or be left out of the loop?

  • How can you get an accurate picture of the products and services these companies are providing and understand which add the most value to your brands?

Stream B: Drill Down Roundtables


Stream C: Production Deep Dive


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM ProcureCon Marketing Summer Party!

Don't miss the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and peers at our always popular drinks reception, outside this year at the pop up riverside bar

The Lawn overlooking Tower Bridge, with Pimms and bbq style canapes

7:00 PM - 11:59 PM End of Conference Day Two