Procurecon Marketing 2018

June 12-June 14, 2018

The Tower Hotel, London

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Day 1 - Embracing The New Era Of Agency Relationships (past event)

08:00 AM - 08:40 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee

08:40 AM - 08:45 AM Welcome Address - Diane Mekie, Conference Director, WBR

A View From The Top

08:45 AM - 09:00 AM Chair's Opening Remarks

Daniel Kline, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Globality


Daniel Kline

Senior Vice President, Global Sales

09:00 AM - 09:30 AM In Conversation: The CMO Perspective: What We Need From Marketing Procurement In An Increasingly Complex Content-Driven Marketing Landscape

Kristof Fahy, CMO, Ladbrokes
  • What are the key trends that marketing functions are reacting to to best reach consumers in the current content-driven marketplace? Exciting new developments and how marketing are adapting their teams and processes to respond to market forces and quickly react to topical content

  • A help or a hindrance? How we view marketing procurement and where we see them adding the most value - practical ways we have achieved true collaboration and where procurement need to take a step back

  • How we can help procurement see marketing as an investment to be maximised rather than a cost to be minimised - the role of the CMO in creating the marketing procurement department of the future


Kristof Fahy


09:30 AM - 10:15 AM Interactive Panel Discussion: How Do You Bring Innovation In House? Debating The Role Of The Advertiser, The Role Of The Start-Up And The Role Of The Agency

Jonny Spindler, Chief Innovation Officer, BBDO Worldwide Tina Kataria, Procurement Director, Western Europe, Coca-Cola Manjit Gill, CEO & Founder, Binti International
  • Is innovation the responsibility of the advertiser or should advertisers rely on agencies to do that work for them? How can both sides best support each other to ensure success?

  • How is the role of traditional agencies changing with increasing involvement from start ups and technology companies?

  • How as a large advertiser can you engage directly with a start up, without killing their innovation?

  • Where have companies had success finding ground breaking marketing start-ups, where do they congregate and in what type of business hubs?


Jonny Spindler

Chief Innovation Officer
BBDO Worldwide

Tina Kataria

Procurement Director, Western Europe

Manjit Gill

CEO & Founder
Binti International

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Industry Insight With Client Case Study: The ISBA Media Agency Contract One Year On: How Is It Redefining Relationships Between Advertisers And Media Agencies?

Amy Redford, Global Marketing Procurement, EMEA Lead, eBay Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practice, ISBA David Bond, Partner, Fieldfisher
  • The Framework Agreement for Media Buying & Planning Services was launched in April 2016 to ISBA members - what key issues, some elements of which were starting to undermine the trust between clients and their media agencies, was this updated contract looking to address?

  • The market has rapidly evolved and the advertiser community now needs to pay much more attention to protecting and enhancing their rights in this more complex environment - how will this new framework give them a great starting point for conversations around the issues and negotiations with their media agencies?

  • The advertiser perspective: how are advertisers using the contract in practice, which elements are most helpful and where are they getting pushback?


Amy Redford

Global Marketing Procurement, EMEA Lead

Debbie Morrison

Director of Consultancy and Best Practice

David Bond


10:45 AM - 11:25 AM Morning coffee and networking

Transparency In All Things

11:25 AM - 12:10 PM Interactive Panel Discussion: The Trust Crisis - How Did We Get To This Stage And How Can Marketing Procurement Help Repair Bridges?

Vera Werner, Global Category Manager Media, Marketing Procurement, Deutsche Telekom Celine Biette-Danielli, Principal Category Manager - Agencies Sales & Marketing, Vodafone Nick Baughan, CEO, Maxus UK Reitze Feldmeijer, Procurement Manager Marcom, FrieslandCampina
  • One year on from the ANA report, where are we as an industry and what can be done to restore trust?

  • What is marketing procurement's role in repairing these relationships, and moving to a new era of trust and transparency?

  • Is there a gap between marketing and procurement where companies now need the role of a Chief Media Officer?

  • What do agencies want and need from marketing procurement to have an effective working relationship?


Vera Werner

Global Category Manager Media, Marketing Procurement
Deutsche Telekom

Celine Biette-Danielli

Principal Category Manager - Agencies Sales & Marketing

Nick Baughan

Maxus UK

Reitze Feldmeijer

Procurement Manager Marcom

12:10 PM - 12:30 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study From More For Less To Better For Less

Morgan Cox, CEO, Prodigious UK
  • Content production is soaring: Marketing teams are looking to increase production of always-on content whilst Procurement seeks to do more for less
  • With increasingly sophisticated data and insight, this current equation is no longer enough. Performance should also drive production models.
  • How can procurement orchestrate this transition across internal, media, data and creative teams?
  • Prodigious will share their experience and approach in deploying these models for global brands


Morgan Cox

Prodigious UK

12:30 PM - 12:50 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study: Why Music Is Worthy Of A Single-Source Approach

Gianpaolo Gagliardi, Category Manager - Brand And Communications, Shell Elisa Harris, Founding Partner, CORD
  • How Shell wanted to build the brand and improve metrics

  • The benefits, major cost savings and efficiencies that the development of a music strategy has delivered

  • Future plans to further develop the music strategy and make the most of the huge value music has brought to the brand


Gianpaolo Gagliardi

Category Manager - Brand And Communications

Elisa Harris

Founding Partner

12:50 PM - 1:20 PM Listen, Learn And Share: "MADISON AVENUE MANSLAUGHTER" - How Can You Strengthen Agency-Client Partnerships To Solve Today's Complex Marketing Problems?

Michael Farmer, Author, 'Madison Avenue Manslaughter'

Michael Farmer's book is a call to action for the 21st century breed of 'mad men', to outline the industry problems and encourage agencies and their clients to take management actions to avoid the seemingly inevitable disaster of growing workloads and declining fees. Michael's book offers the world's first effective definition of "the real agency problem", and offers corrective solutions. These actions form the basis of a strategic response by agency CEOs as well as corporate chief marketing and marketing procurement officers. Michael will explore how remuneration changes, globalization, holding company ownership, the concept of "shareholder value," and the new digital and social media brought about a decline in the fortunes of today's advertising agencies. He will also offer key insights about how agency health can be restored, turning around industry trends, and strengthening agency-client partnerships to solve today's complex marketing problems.


Michael Farmer

'Madison Avenue Manslaughter'

1:20 PM - 2:50 PM Networking Lunch

Stream A: The New Era Of Agency Remuneration

2:50 PM - 3:35 PM Interactive Panel Discussion: Show Me The Money: How To Structure Agency Compensation In An Era Of Transparency

Tom Lewis, Finance Director, IPA Paul Smith, Senior Director - Global Marketing & Sales Procurement, Mondelez , , Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement , Bayer
  • The fixed fee retainer model is slowly dying out and labour-based and pay for performance models are becoming more prevalent remuneration models - how do you evolve an existing relationship based on the risk and reward for both the brand and the agency?

  • How do you move the discussion away from hours and overhead towards performance improvement?

  • Does pay for performance really increase transparency? Do pay for performance metrics apply the same for creative, media and digital agencies?

  • What do successful incentive structures look like? Where have advertisers and agencies had success with new remuneration models?

  • What maturity level do you need in marketing procurement and agency relationships before you investigate performance related pay - what basics do you need in place first before heading down this road?


Tom Lewis

Finance Director

Paul Smith

Senior Director - Global Marketing & Sales Procurement

Malik Akhtar

VP Marketing Procurement

Roundtable 1: How To Ensure Innovation Is An Integral Part Of Your Marketing Procurement Process To Be True Internal Consultants

Hosted By: Jesus Sancho Cubino, Procurement Manager for Marketing and Advertising, Carrefour

Participants Include: Celine Chauffeton, Global Category Sourcing Manager - Marketing Services, Danone

  • Innovation is the buzzword of the moment, but what does it mean in your company and how do you ensure marketing procurement's involvement from the earliest stages?

  • Examining practical steps to drive the innovation process such as bringing together stakeholders and suppliers in an 'Innovation Week'

  • Sharing success stories of where marketing procurement has led or increased innovation, and how to overcome roadblocks on the way

Roundtable 2: How To Redevelop Agency Performance Reviews To Achieve A True 360° Perspective That Gives Your Business Transparency

Hosted By: Celine Biette-Danielli, Principal Category Manager - Agencies Sales & Marketing, Vodafone

  • What new formats can be used to improve response times and agency receptiveness?

  • How do you find the optimum balance to measure performance without negatively impacting relationships and trust? What should marketing procurement's level of involvement be as part of an ongoing interaction with agencies?

  • How to effectively benchmark on categories, agency networks and even internal departments and brands

  • Making sense of the data: how best to utilise 360° scorecards to examine media performance, contract compliance and financial transparency to meet business objectives

Roundtable 3: Optimal Strategies To Put Together A Creative Agency Roster

Hosted By: Veronica Citarella, Marketing Procurement Manager, Luxottica

  • What is the starting point? First steps to follow in reviewing and analysing existing agencies, understanding Marketing's requirements, and creating tools to separate and narrow the list

  • What tools and processes can you use internally, and what external tools and suppliers exist to help with roster review and selection?

  • Next steps: identifying the top agencies and aligning rates and processes

Roundtable 4: Marketer-Led Production - How to Introduce Alternative Production Models, Bidding Approaches And Technology Solutions To Tackle Transparency, Efficiency And ROI

Hosted By: Jillian Gibbs, Founder & Global CEO, APR

Marketers are considering solutions to improve their workflow, take more control of the production process, or add transparency to their content creation process. The usage of production bidding solutions enables an advanced bidding workflow, automatic capture of data, and advanced side-by-side comparisons. In addition, a bidding solution brings added value to the decoupling process, especially as Advertisers continue the trend of engaging multiple agency, digital, and production partners across all tiers of their content creation strategy. So, should you be using a bidding workflow solution?

  • Who is managing the bidding process?
  • Best practices for reviewing and selecting bids
  • How to select a bidding solution/technology


Veronica Citarella

Marketing Procurement Manager

Celine Biette-Danielli

Principal Category Manager - Agencies Sales & Marketing

Jesus Sancho Cubino

Procurement Manager for Marketing and Advertising

Jillian Gibbs

Founder & Global CEO

Celine Chauffeton

Global Category Sourcing Manager - Marketing Services

Stream C: Agency Contracts Deep Dive

2:50 PM - 3:35 PM Deep Dive Workshop: Ensuring you have the optimal agency contracts in place for current and future requirements: How to structure the agency contract to achieve the transparency you need

Simon Francis, CEO, Flock Associates

Hosted By Flock Associates

  • In an era of increased need for transparency on fee, media and production spend, how can you ensure your agency contracts are properly structured to address the level of detail needed? What industry templates and best practice exist to assist you along this road, and what KPIs and clauses do you need to include?

  • How can you shorten the contract negotiation process, to avoid a lengthy back and forth on detailed T&Cs?

  • Understanding the agency financial model to ensure your contract reflects this- how can you open up this dialogue with your agencies?

  • How to find the right balance- working with the conflicting needs of agencies and clients on best price and transparency

  • What audit rights and termination clauses do you need to protect yourself


Simon Francis

Flock Associates

Stream D: Pitch Model Alternatives Workshop

2:50 PM - 3:35 PM Deep Dive Workshop: ISBA Workshop: Pitch Alternatives - Best Practice For Clients And Agencies To Improve Agility And Speed To Market

Traci Dunne, Consultancy & Best Practice Manager, ISBA

The traditional all-encompassing pitch model is expensive and time consuming for both clients and agencies. Clients now need to often be more agile and move faster. Via the Good Pitch initiative ISBA and the IPA have been working together to develop some 'Alternative' pitch processes for clients to consider. In order to continue to drive change and encourage clients to consider an Alternatives Pitch Process, the ISBA Consultancy Team has developed some practical guidance on the process required to successfully manage these alternatives. This Workshop will outline the four pitch alternatives and then through an audience vote bring one of these to life, taking attendees through how to run it and what type/s of project it would work for.


Traci Dunne

Consultancy & Best Practice Manager

Stream A: The New Era Of Agency Remuneration

3:35 PM - 3:55 PM Case Study: Effective Agency Management And Performance Based Remuneration: How To Make It Work

Jeremie Affergan, Global Purchasing Marketing & Medical Affairs, UCB
  • How we have created an agency management booklet to improve people and process management, and drive innovation with our key partners - key takeaways and lessons learned

  • Sharing practical tips on how we have set up performance based remuneration with marketing and medical agencies - where we are on the remuneration journey and how we got there

  • Ensuring innovation is an integral part of any agency management process - how we do measure this, and what are we trying to achieve?


Jeremie Affergan

Global Purchasing Marketing & Medical Affairs

Stream B: Drill Down Roundtables


Stream C: Agency Contracts Deep Dive


Stream D: Pitch Model Alternatives Workshop


3:55 PM - 4:25 PM Afternoon tea and networking

Stream A: Capitalising On New Business Models And Innovations

4:25 PM - 5:10 PM Interactive Panel Discussion: Evolving Agency Models: What Does The Future Look Like?

Antonio Scannapieco, Global Strategic Sourcing Head, Marketing, Mars Andrew Lowdon, Global Category Leader - Marketing Procurement, Associated British Foods Umair Bin Zubair, Global Sourcing Manager - Marketing Research, British American Tobacco
  • Are we seeing the rebirth of the full service agency model? Why is this trend coming back into force?

  • Examining the different agency models available - lead agency, roster agencies, single agency - what are the benefits and disadvantages of the various models, and what kind of new innovative partnerships are coming to the fore?

  • How are agencies evolving and differentiating themselves now and for 10 years time? What do they need to do to compete, survive, and thrive?


Antonio Scannapieco

Global Strategic Sourcing Head, Marketing

Andrew Lowdon

Global Category Leader - Marketing Procurement
Associated British Foods

Umair Bin Zubair

Global Sourcing Manager - Marketing Research
British American Tobacco

Roundtable 1: Crowdsourcing Creative And Production Partners: Alternative Sourcing of Marketing Communications

Hosted By: Philipp Schuster, Procurement BP Marketing, PRO Agencies, Bayer

  • How to access crowdsourcing platforms - who are the key players and where have brands had success?

  • What is the cost benefit of using crowdsourcing, and what pitfalls do you need to be aware of?

  • How is the rise of these platforms affecting traditional agencies' business models, and how do you ensure there's no conflict with your current partners?

  • What has driven or would drive clients to source from the crowd? Is it more financially or creatively motivated? Or just the enormously increased demand in appealing content?

Roundtable 2: Telecomms Sector Roundtable

Hosted by: Marcus Riccoboni, Principal Category Manager - Marketing, Vodafone

An opportunity to discuss with your sector peers on the challenges and opportunities specific to marketing procurement in the Telecomms sector

  • Within which areas of our businesses are we seeing the biggest marketing sourcing challenges?

  • How to overcome internal business inhibitors to sourcing and contracting with start-ups or niche providers, as the dynamic changes to working with more nimble players

  • Is the speed of change of regulatory requirements accelerating? Which new areas are we seeing challenges in and how are we managing them?

  • How are we organized and how do we manage the demand for our services? Will this still work in 2020?

Roundtable 3: How To Get Best In Class Partners In Point Of Sale Spend For Optimum Local Execution

Hosted By: Paul Jones, Senior Category Manager, Sony Europe

  • The business case to moving your spend towards an in store focus and what practical methods you need to convert those purchases
  • How to optimise display and point of sale spend - strategies to harmonise the type of display you are using across different markets
  • Who are the key partners who can help address this spend, and what are the main pitfalls to avoid? Appointing a core roster of agencies, then having local execution? How to ensure best in class in each market


Marcus Riccoboni

Principal Category Manager - Marketing

Paul Jones

Senior Category Manager
Sony Europe

Philipp Schuster

Procurement BP Marketing, PRO Agencies

Stream C: Agency Compensation Deep Dive

4:25 PM - 5:10 PM Creative Boardroom: Performance Related Agency Compensation: How To Develop A Process For Measuring Success

Marie Collings, Global Category Manager, Diageo
  • What new innovative methods are leading companies trialling to move to a new era of performance related agency compensation?

  • Comparing the best compensation structures depending on agency type and internal brand - how do you determine what works best in each situation?

  • Are there any industry standards that marketing procurement directors can follow? How do you truly understand the scope of work and ensure you are getting what you paid for?


Marie Collings

Global Category Manager

Stream D: Marketing Procurement 101

4:25 PM - 5:10 PM Marketing Procurement Masterclass: Mastering The Fundamentals of Marketing Procurement: A Step By Step Guide

Tina Fegent, Director, Tina Fegent Procurement Consultancy

This Workshop is designed for marketing procurement professionals to get a fundamental understanding of the various models of how an organisation's marketing team operates, to improve your understanding of marketing, internal KPIs, processes and objectives, and the different marketing channels.

  • Understanding the role of the various primary stakeholders in marketing engagement (marketing, procurement and agency) and the expectations of each
  • Outlining the different marketing channels (traditional marketing, media, advertising, digital, social media and mobile), their supply partners, and how procurement can play a meaningful role in both general process improvement and from a channel-specific perspective
  • What are the biggest nuggets of opportunity - as you first enter the marketing category and as your involvement matures?


Tina Fegent

Tina Fegent Procurement Consultancy

Stream A: Capitalising On New Business Models And Innovations

5:10 PM - 5:30 PM Industry Insight With Client Case Study: How Our Unique Model Consolidates The Music Licensing, Creation And Strategy Of Global Companies Through One Unified Hub

Dominic Caisley, CEO, Big Sync Music Jorgen Bartsch, Global Marketing Services, Unilever
  • Outlining our five guiding principles (The music must come first, respect the talent, brands are people too, ideas can come from anywhere, and Think Big) and why they are important

  • How we deliver our clients' concentrated buying power, creative continuity, centralised data reporting and a consistency of process that protects clients from the often confusing world of music synchronization

  • Practical examples of how this works with a key client - what we have accomplished together and future plans for innovation and further added value


Dominic Caisley

Big Sync Music

Jorgen Bartsch

Global Marketing Services

Stream B: Drill Down Roundtables


Stream C: Agency Compensation Deep Dive


Stream D: Marketing Procurement 101


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Day One Cocktail Reception

A great opportunity to wind down at the end of a busy first day, chat about the day's talks and continue to catch up with colleagues over cocktails, canapés and entertainment.

7:00 PM - 11:59 PM End of Conference Day One